Hi! Welcome to my retreat site. I'm Kevin.

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I lead yoga retreats all over the world. It brings me so much joy because it combines so many of my passions and strengths. Traveling, meeting new people, teaching yoga & meditation, practicing yoga, and bringing the brightest, most amazing, inspiring people together for a week of pure magic. 

The first time I led a retreat I was both scared and so excited, having no real idea what effect it would have on my life and on the lives of those that joined. Beyond excitement there was a deep sense of community and connection that grew as the days lingered on, gradually settling into a kind of peace that permeated our time together. Now, having led many retreats far and wide, I've come to see and savor this effect happening each and every time we travel as yogis: conscious, inquisitive, open beings. To this day, many years later, the people that have joined these special retreats still reach out to me with fond memories of our time together as a traveling kula. I delight in knowing that some are still connected and even closer than ever after so much time has passed ...and I'm honored to be even a tiny part of the amazing growth and change within each one of them. 

The magic of retreats is hard to put into words, but at it's heart is love. As with most magical experiences, there's a spark ignited that, when fed, will grow into a blazing fire. Being away from your daily routine, in an intimate setting with other people who enjoy exploring the beauty of the yoga practices and the deep connection intrinsic within that work, is a recipe that equals #winning. 

I view this week as a gift: to yourself, to those around you and to the people we come in contact with and support on our travels. A gift that, when we put our minds to it, we can share with all we meet. Money has power and when we choose to use our money consciously we can change lives all around the world. My hope is that we all give ourselves time to explore the connections we make in all their various forms. That we celebrate the good we do and share in this world. That we explore both the inner realms of our own being and the outer beauty of this amazing planet. Retreat is a powerful way to take yourself out of the day-to day of your life, out of your comfort zone, and dive into the seat of your Self. It's a way to have more magic spread into all aspects of your life, big and small.

I hope you give yourself the gift of a retreat and that you join us for what is sure to be a most memorable adventure.


I can guarantee you that no matter your level in yoga, Kevin will have something in store for you. He had me in positions I never dreamed possible! Yoga retreats with Kevin are more than just yoga. Its also about fun excursions, getting to know others, improving yourself (mentally and physically), and lots of laughter.”
— Debbie Kaye, Nicaragua 2014, Italy 2016
Kevin teaches from the heart, and always challenges you to open your heart to more joy in your life. Kevin builds a sense of community, and his retreats are a wonderful coming together of like-minded souls looking for a heart-warming adventure, an opening of body and soul to delve deeper into the practice.”
— Demetra Adams, Nicaragua 2014, Italy 2016
In the year that I went on two retreats with Kevin, I met the love of my life; a few months later, I changed careers. I’m certain that taking these weeks for self-connection and self-care made me ready and able to bring about, navigate, and embrace these huge life changes.”
— Samantha Brenner, Nicaragua 2014, Morocco 2015

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